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Texas Hold ‘em Poker Table Rentals

Occasion-all Events provide you custom-made casino Texas Hold ‘em Poker tables that have essentially become the ideal addition to any stag party, Jack and Jill, corporate function or poker tournament. Made with elegant, top quality gaming felt material and soft arm-resting vinyl, our poker tables surely make the game a luxurious experience for everyone. They come readily equipped with professional dealer services as well as casino-style chips and playing cards. Why not excite the senses of your most important players with our professional tables and poker game service? Call or email us for rental rates today!

Black Jack Table Rentals

Occasion-all Events classic, custom-designed Black Jack tables are a popular addition to any stag party, Jack and Jill, or corporate function. These Black Jack tables are designed with elegant, top quality casino gaming felt material and soft vinyl arm-rest for the enjoyment and comfort of all players at your event. The Black Jack tables are also built conveniently to seat players comfortably around the dealer, in order to make the Black Jack experience a more pleasant one. Our Black Jack tables come readily equipped with professional dealer services as well as casino-style playing cards and shoe. With a game requiring some luck and strategy, why not put your player’s to the test and see who uses luck or strategy to win this game at your event? Call or email us for rental rates today!

Mini-Putt Challenge

Our Mini-Putt Challenge tests the skills of golfer’s at your event. This game is a profitable item that is free of charge and added to every party package. Players are supplied with golf balls, and a chance to putt them into the hole on the 7-foot long green for a corresponding prize. Don’t hesitate to inquire about our Mini-Putt Challenge rental when you call or email us today.

Joker Poker / Raffle Tickets

Occasion-all Events custom-designed joker poker boards as well as raffle tickets come equipped with our beautiful hostesses. This game is a great selling pitch and money maker with all proceeds going to the groom. As your guests are arriving, our hostesses encourage them to choose spots on the board numbered 1 to 100 for a designated price amount. In order to determine the ‘Joker’ winner, the groom picks a random number from 1 to 100 and the person signed on that spot receives the corresponding prize. The double-perforated raffle tickets are also part of your party package and used for the prize draws at your event.

Crown and Anchor Game

Our Crown and Anchor Game is a head-turner and a great game to test your luck. It requires a game played between the banker (ex: groom) and the player. A canvas mat marked with six symbols and a spinning wheel with symbols is provided for play. (Crown, Anchor, Heart, Spade, Diamond, Club) The

players place bets on one or more symbols. (Ex: $2 on heart). The banker will then spin the wheel and if the ticker stops on double hearts, the player wins double his bet (Ex: $4). If the wheel stops on a symbol that no one bet on, the banker (groom) claims the money. This game is another great way to maximize the value of your event and a great enjoyment for guests present.

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