About Us

The founder of Occasion-all Events decided to contribute her acquired expertise, knowledge, dedication and sales driven attitude to the world of event-planning. At Occasion-all Events, we strive to be a valuable and useful source to all aspects of the event planning process. The main focus is the client’s vision, ensuring the success of every event and a positive impression made on every guest in attendance. We commit ourselves to maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity and innovation, and a strong team of hospitality personnel whose goal is to deliver a service that will create a memorable experience for each and every guest present.

At Occasion-all Events, our area of expertise lies in stag gaming, event staffing, venues, and all event consultation. Ultimately, we are dedicated to providing clientele exceptional service at stags, Jack & Jill’s, corporate and charity fundraisers, brand launches, promotional staff, golf and poker tournaments, and any other social gathering. Occasion-all Events is your premiere choice for event planning in Toronto, Ontario.


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